Ugg boots are an excellent choice of footwear for the cold months. Made of sheepskin and fleeced interiors, these boots will provide great warmth to your feet. However, to enjoy the benefits of these boots, you need to properly maintain them and prevent any practices that can damage them. For this reason, here are a few important things you should know concerning taking care of your ugg boots.

General Cleaning

For general cleaning of your ugg boots, start by removing the surface dirt with a stiff brush. If you attempt to deep clean your uggs without taking care of the surface dirt first, you'll only push the dirt further into your leather. After removing the surface dirt, use a damp cloth to gently scrub the boots.

Excess Grime and Tough Stains

For excess grime and dirt, use a suede or leather shampoo and thoroughly scrub the boots. Tough stains, especially oily stains, such as grease can be difficult to clean. Using suede or leather shampoos may not lift the stain. For this reason, you need to use chalk or talcum powder. Sprinkle the powder or chalk on your boots and let it sit overnight. This should allow the chalk enough time to absorb the stain before you can deep clean your boots.

Don't Dry Clean Your Ugg Boots

Avoid dry cleaning or washing your ugg boots in a washing machine because this will stretch the leather and make your boots lose their shape. In addition, avoid drying your boots in direct sunlight or in your clothes dryer to prevent the boots from shrinking and losing shape. Therefore, to dry your ugg boots after cleaning, stuff newspapers and socks inside them, and let them sit in a cool dry place for about a day or two.

Prevent Sagging

When ugg boots start sagging, they won't be as effective and may even increase the susceptibility of the boots to moisture or water by exposing the fleeced-interior parts. Moreover, sagged ugg boots won't be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, to prevent sagging, keep your ugg boots are dry as possible because wetness will lead to loss of shape. In addition, avoid stuffing your jeans into your ugg boots. Doing this will stretch the leathers and weaken them, which will in turn lead to sagging. Last, when storing your ugg boots melbourne during the warm months, keep them in an upright position and remember to stuff as much newspaper as you can in them to help maintain the shape.