A high-tech point of sale or POS system is very important for any retail establishment, as they make checkout easier on your customers. Don't overlook the fact that a customer may very well walk out of your establishment even after having shopped if their checkout routine takes too long or is too complicated. A good POS system can also assist with more than just ringing up items and checking out, but can also increase sales; note a few features to look for in a new system so you can ensure yours functions optimally for your business.

Point of sale up-selling 

There may be certain products in your store that are available only at the register; this might be anything from small edible items to hair care products in a salon. Most businesses will encourage their staff to up-sell these items or present them to the customer at the point of sale. Your POS system can track these sales, along with an employee identification of who did the selling. This can tell you which employee is most successful with selling these added products and which ones might need more training and encouragement with up-selling those items.

Along with tracking this up-selling, a POS system can show notifications for certain products that might be sold to customers, based on the items that are being rung up at the time or based on sales and specials in your store. For example, a customer might get a discount on an item stocked at the register if they've purchased a certain dollar amount that day, and the POS system can notify the cashier of their spending and remind them to offer this discounted item. The POS system of a spa might use a popup to remind cashiers of skincare items, if a customer is paying for a facial. This will help encourage this up-selling by cashiers and, in turn, increase your overall business.

Paper or email receipts

Many customers today forego the need for a paper receipt, as they pay with their debit or credit card and have an instant record of their sale through their bank. Some may not need a paper receipt but may want a receipt sent through their email. A POS system that gives you the option of a paper receipt, email receipt, or no receipt at all can save you money on receipt paper and reduce waste from that paper as well. Look for a touchpad that allows customers to quickly enter their email address if they want an email receipt instead.